Sheet Metal Forming Simulation and Lean Forming Technology
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 This research focuses on formability evaluation of high-strength steel, advanced forming technology and robust design method of forming process. Lean forming technology is also developed and forming quality of auto-body parts is improved by combining conventional forming technology and lean six sigma quality control methods. These technologies are successfully applied in Bao Steel, SVW etc. and significantly improve utilizing level of domestic auto-body sheet metal.

Research Contents


□ Mechanical behavior modeling and formability prediction

Kinetics modeling of phase transformation for high-strength steels, mechanical behavior analysis and constitutive modeling as well as failure prediction in sheet (tube) forming process, mechanism identification and multi-scale predictive modeling of residual stress in manufacturing process of large thin-walled structures.


□ Flexible forming technology of tube/profiled materials

Flexible forming equipment and associated process for hydroforming, roll forming, stretch bending and rotary bending, including formability evaluation method and failure mechanism in tube/profile forming process, flexible forming product design, die design, and load path optimization.


□ Sheet metal roller hemming technology

Flexible roller hemming equipment development, full process modeling and simulation, failure mechanism identification and methodology study for dimension variation/fracture/surface distortion control, and path planning for roller hemming process.


□ Robust design method of forming process

Robust design method of complex auto panel in mass production conditions, including statistical database development of auto-body sheet metal materials, experimental design and meta-model of auto panel forming process, sensitivity analysis of process parameters, and robust solution algorithm for multi-parameter and multi-objective process.



      Deep drawing hydraulic testing press with variable blank holding force; Tube hydroforming press and robotic roller hemming platform; Formability testing devices for tube hydroforming and sheet galling resistance tests, X-ray diffraction residual stress testing machine; Grid strain testing machine; AutoForm and Dynaform software tools.

Variable BHF testing Press                    Tube hydroforming                          Press Roller hemming platform


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