ZhongQin Lin
LIN ZhongQin
Founding Director of the Center, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Professor LIN Zhong-Qin received his Bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in 1982, majoring in Naval Engineering. Upon earned a Ph.D. ... [Details]

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  • Sheet Metal Forming Simulation and Lean Forming Technology
    This research focuses on formability evaluation of high-strength steel, advanced forming technology and robust design method of forming process. Lean forming technology is also developed and forming quality of auto-body parts is improved by combining conventional forming technology and lean six sigm...
  • Advanced Sheet Metal Joining Technologies
    Sheet metal joining mechanism analysis, joint quality monitor and control technology development are emphasized in this trust area. Associated technical specifications, standards, hardware and software systems are established aiming to promote the application of advanced high-strength steel and ligh...
  • Sheet Metal Assembly and Manufacturing Quality Control
    This direction focuses on deviation flow simulation technique and accuracy control theory of complex sheet metal assembly. Digital process design platform is established for accuracy control of sheet metal products. Hardware and software for quality inspection, analysis and diagnosis are developed f...
  • Lightweight Design of Auto-body Structures
    Based on auto-body structural performance simulation technology and modern optimization design method, this research direction focuses on auto-body structure optimization design methods, multi-disciplinary finite element simulation technologies, auto-body lightweight design etc. A digital prototype ...

     The Center for Auto-body Design and Manufacturing Technology of SJTU was founded in 1996 by Academician LIN Zhong-Qin and Professor CHEN Guan-Long in the School of Mechanical Engineering. Because of its excellent academic performance, the Center was designated in 2004 as Shanghai Key Laboratory of Digital Auto-body Engineering by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (now “Shanghai Key Laboratory of Digitalized Manufacturing of Complex Sheet Metal Structures”). Prof. LAI Xin-Min, a Cheung Kong Chair Professor, is its current director.

     Over the past years since founded, the Center has been concentrating its research on engineering solutions to sheet metal forming and manufacturing quality control which are critical to automotive, aeronautics, and high-speed train manufacturers. The major research is grouped in four trust areas:

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