Lightweight Design of Auto-body Structures
Published:2013-04-11 Hits:2592


      Based on auto-body structural performance simulation technology and modern optimization design method, this research direction focuses on auto-body structure optimization design methods, multi-disciplinary finite element simulation technologies, auto-body lightweight design etc. A digital prototype system is established to support the whole process of auto-body development so as to improve design quality, shorten developing period and reduce cost.


Research Contents


□  Multi-disciplinary performance analysis of body structures

 Modern auto-body parametric and modular design towards optimal structure and usage of advanced high-strength steel & light materials, including auto-body structure modeling and optimization techniques, simulation-driven design method, body design theory, robustness and reliability based optimization method.


□  Auto-body structure design and optimization

 Simulation, analysis and evaluation of performances of various body structures based on multi-disciplinary theory and advanced numerical simulation technology combining with experimental tests, considering crashworthiness safety, auto-body NVH performances and fatigue performance of the structure and effects of welding spots.


□  Auto-body lightweight technology

 Digital auto-body lightweight design method for balancing weight reduction, performance requirements and manufacturing cost through lightweight material selection, thin-walled complex structure design, and comprehensive evaluation.


□  Flexible manufacturing equipment design

 Basic theory and technology for flexible equipment design to support manufacturing automotive, aircraft and large-scale mechanical system such as heavy duty and high-precision manipulators, digital prototype of complex equipment aiming to develop flexible manufacturing equipment with independent intellectual property.



      Mechanical property testing and analysis facilities for auto-body material and parts design, including computer-controlled falling weight impact testing machine, fatigue testing machine, surface residual stress testing system, flexible manipulator for airplane assembly, and CAD/CAE software tools (UG, CATIA, ADAMS, LS-DYNA, HYPERWORKS, MSC.NASTRAN/FATIGUE, VPG, ABAQUS, etc.).



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