Sheet Metal Assembly and Manufacturing Quality Control
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     This direction focuses on deviation flow simulation technique and accuracy control theory of complex sheet metal assembly. Digital process design platform is established for accuracy control of sheet metal products. Hardware and software for quality inspection, analysis and diagnosis are developed for the manufacturing process. Manufacturing quality control system based on data-driven is formed and successfully applied in automotive, aircraft and high-speed train manufacturing industry, aiming to enhance their self-R&D capability and improve the manufacturing quality of sheet metal products.


Research Contents


□  Auto-body manufacturing quality control (2mm project)

 Data-driven auto-body manufacturing quality control technology, including the system of measurement points and functional dimensions, evaluation of small-sample test data with high accuracy, complex surface detection and matching optimization, fast intelligent diagnosis of the assembly deviation source, manufacturing quality information management .


□  Digital process design for auto-body assembly

 Theoretical analysis and technology development for assembly deviation prediction and control in auto-body design stage, including modeling of deviation flow for multi-station sheet assembly, tolerance analysis and combination of body dimension, digital sealing and matching optimization, assembly fixture and process planning, etc.


□  Precision control of sheet metal product assembly

 Precision control method for sheet metal assembly products with complicated geometries: digital coordination of the aircraft assembly, 3D deviation control of large-scale thin-walled product assembly, aircraft shell structure stress-free assembly, digital design of welding process for high-speed train body.


□  Engine manufacturing precision control(2μm project)

 Systematic theory and technology for engine and its components manufacturing precision control, including the relationship between manufacturing accuracy and service performance, morphology detection of engine block and head in micro level, data fusion process of multi-source detection of engine, robust precision control of thin-walled structures in aircraft engine.



      Experimental equipment for clamp, connection, measurement and analysis of sheet metal products, including double-cantilever auto-body CMM, online measurement robot of laser vision, 3D surface scanning machine, supporting system for flexible measurement, flexible fixture system for welding, 3D high definition measurement machine, and assembly deviation analysis software tools such as AVA, VSA, 3DCS, CETOL, etc.




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