Advanced Sheet Metal Joining Technologies
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    Sheet metal joining mechanism analysis, joint quality monitor and control technology development are emphasized in this trust area. Associated technical specifications, standards, hardware and software systems are established aiming to promote the application of advanced high-strength steel and lightweight materials in auto-body. Recent studies on new joining technology include: spot welding using servo gun, magnetic-controlled resistance spot welding, arc spot welding, adhesive bonding friction rivet welding, etc.


Research Contents


Advanced joining technology for high-strength sheet metals

 Resistance spot welding of high-strength steel, nugget quality control of adhesive-bonded multi-layer steel sheet with different strength and thickness, online inspection of welding quality for servo gun spot welding system and ultrasonic welding of ultrathin sheet metal, process optimization of RSW.


Nugget quality control of single-side resistance spot welding for hydroforming tubes

 The circle nugget forming mechanism of single-side resistance spot welding for sheet and tube,circle nugget size control method based on controllable electrode force, optimization of welding deformation monitor and process parameter in single-side resistance spot welding.


Magnetic-controlled resistance spot welding

 Magnetofluid dynamic behavior under the influence of induction field in resistance spot welding nugget forming process, physical mechanisms of external magnetic field acting on nugget formation in resistance spot welding of high-strength steel and aluminum alloy, development of resistance spot welding quality control system with adjustable magnetic mode and strength for special materials, and special metal spot welding jointer forming.


Joining technology for light sheet metal and special material

 Deformation mechanism in the process of joining light sheet metal and dissimilar material, self-piercing riveting, resistance riveting welding, self-piercing friction riveting welding and electricity-induced plasticity self-piercing riveting, and deformation control method of dissimilar material adhesive bonding joining.



 OBARA servo resistance spot welding system; HENROB SPR system; IPG fiber laser welding system; CMT arc welding system; Ultrasonic non-destructive testing system; Buehler metallographic preparation equipment and mechanical properties detection system.




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