Overview of the Center
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      The Center for Auto-body Design and Manufacturing Technology of SJTU was founded in 1996 by Academician LIN Zhong-Qin and Professor CHEN Guan-Long in the School of Mechanical Engineering. Because of its excellent academic performance, the Center was designated in 2004 as Shanghai Key Laboratory of Digital Auto-body Engineering by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (now “Shanghai Key Laboratory of Digitalized Manufacturing of Complex Sheet Metal Structures”). Prof. LAI Xin-Min, a Cheung Kong Chair Professor, is its current director.


      Over the past years since founded, the Center has been concentrating its research on engineering solutions to sheet metal forming and manufacturing quality control which are critical to automotive, aeronautics, and high-speed train manufacturers. The major research is grouped in four trust areas:

1) Sheet metal forming simulation and lean forming technology,

2) Advanced sheet metal joining technologies,

3) Sheet metal assembly process and manufacturing quality control,

4) Lightweight design of auto-body structures.


      Currently the research team in the Center consists of 23 full-time faculties and 3 adjunct professors, among them one is the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and also the recipient of National Science Funds for Outstanding Youth, and three are Cheung Kong Chair Professors. So far the Center has trained over 380 Master, Ph.D. students and post-doctoral fellows. Now over 100 full-time graduate students are studying in the Center to pursue their higher degrees in Automotive Engineering.


      Through 15-year continuous efforts, the Center has established close relationship with well-known local companies and MNGs. Totally 7 production-training-research co-operative bases have been built-up through R&D collaborations with Shanghai General Motor, Bao Steel, SAIC, SGMW, Chang’An Automotive, COMAC-Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd, and CNR-Tangshan Railway Vehicle Co. Ltd. The Center owns an area of 2000 square meters in Automotive Engineering Building and houses more than ten experimental platforms for sheet metal forming, joining, assembly and quality control tests, leading it a world-class laboratory for automotive engineering research and high-level talent cultivation.


      Research activities in the Center have been supported mainly by State Key Project of Fundamental Research Program (973), National High Technology Research and Development Program (863), Natural Science Foundation of China, International Cooperation Research Program, etc. A number of cutting-edge technologies, such as auto-body sheet metal lean forming, auto-body manufacturing quality control (“2mm” project in China), and auto-body digital sealing, have been thoroughly developed and also successfully applied to automotive product design and manufacturing in SAIC, Bao Steel, SGMW, etc. The Center has made significant contributions to automotive manufacturing industry and also to the independent development of national manufacturing industry of aircraft, high-speed train, military equipment, and so on. Major academic achievements include:

Ø Over 1000 papers published in journals (ASME Trans., IEEE Trans., Science China, …),

Ø More than 50 patents approved & 5 software copyrights registered,

Ø 4 national science and technology achievement awards,

Ø 9 provincial/ministerial science and technology achievement awards.

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