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     Since 1996, the Center has trained 16 Post-doctoral fellows, 88 PhDs, 211 Masters of Science and 68 Masters of Engineering. Today most of them have become key academic researchers in universities/colleges/institutes and technical leaders in automotive manufacturing companies located in China and also overseas.


“Cheung Kong Siyuan” Scholarship

     The Cheung Kong Scholars Achievement Award was launched by China Ministry of Education in 2002 to honor those Cheung Kong chair professors who have made significant and internationally-acknowledged academic achievements or breakthroughs in scientific researches in natural sciences during the tenure of their appointments.

     Professor LIN Zhong-Qin, the founding director of our Center, is one of the recipients of Cheung Kong Scholars Achievement Award. He donated all the received prize for this award, RMB 1 million Yuan to the university to set up“Cheung Kong Siyuan” Scholarship Awards aiming to reward those undergraduate and graduate students in SJTU’s School of Mechanical Engineering with outstanding achievements in knowledge-learning, and scientific and technical innovations,.


Graduate Students Activities




Best new talent in 2008 SAE competition of international student formula racing car(Ju Xiao-Fan)

Best prize in 2011 national “Challenge Cup”(Deng Yu-Jun and Qiu Dian-Kai)

Research team in SGMW cooperative bases of production, training and research

Scholarship Award for Excellent Doctoral Student granted by the Ministry of Education of China(Yi Pei-Yun)


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