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Shanghai Jiao Tong University automotive body design and manufacturing institute won the "hundred years of mobile gas pull mountains and rivers" tug-of-war champion
Published:2013-04-11 Hits:3489

In April 6, 2013, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of mechanical and power engineering, coincided with the centennial celebration, school organization launched the "hundred years of motor, gas pull mountains and rivers" is the teachers and students of tug-of-war. This event not only for the maneuvering Centennial applause, and that more teachers and graduate students to join the ranks of outdoor sports, advocate healthy way of living and work.

At three thirty in the afternoon, activities began on time in college group Plaza, the game to take a bureau decided the knockout system, the 17 team to win the fight against, bursts of screaming and cheering, all the teachers and students work hard, the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the moment to show most incisive. After fierce competition for one hour, 4 strong list finally born, two semi-finals but "exceeding one's expectations" in the start at the beginning of the outcome of the final announcement, between the body and the internal combustion engine, strong against to all students and alumni spectator enthusiasm. Two department really is diamond cut diamond, the body is better, to win the tug-of-war contest, the internal combustion engine and the robot won runner-up and third place respectively.
The awards ceremony, Professor Huang Zhen, vice president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, director of the Institute of internal combustion engine Research Institute Professor, vice president Zhu Xiangyang, Professor of the College of Wu Jingyi of Party committee secretary respectively to obtain representative team the crown, Asia, runner-up awards.

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